Sometimes you have to stop worrying about all the things that could happen

let go be free, live your dreams and let life happen

Achieve what you have set out to be.

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The Whole Swallow

I speak breath life
expression that I find hard to deny
emotions that crave attention
yet fear judgement
they want to be
pay attention because meanings are buried deep within
to know them
is to know…

Words fear neglect
they just want to be
make a difference
even if its the size of a mustard

Oh I need you to hear me
Feel the words I speak
envelope you
develop you hold you
like a blackout blowing your back out
shadow dance
around the back shot
then back out and lash out
while I Commit verbal
mood swings
a plethora of tendencies of life

fore words fear
they just want to be understood
make a difference
even if its
the size of a mustard seed

might be true, could be mean
oh well its just feelings of expression
visions of spoken sound fluttering
journeys serene being
Free un-adultered scenes- Dreams
landscaped filled
thoughts and images
concoct blurred lines and question marked
orion⿿s sun-melted belt sitting sound in a clouded sky-line

breath taking reverent vague tongue
perspectives horizons shadowed low-rise
After all its from the slanted
point of view from which we speak

Respect the words of
they end up meaning more than what was first

Ever After

After the romance and sweet sounds of linguistic tongue touching and laughter stops…

whats left

the return of investments I’ve been depositing for so long have the interest of caged bird song fall upon deaf ear and blind eye

I need a withdrawal slip

Something that tells me what its all worth

for years I have fed you with bits and inches of me day by day at a time

digging deeper and deeper with nouns and verbs committing grammatical sins giving myself meaning to reason dream and write rhyme

to prove hell and mountains will move before

I’m touched

with the momentum to change minds

building up character, showing courage, dining out with commitment

to free

well versed lines

I don’t mean to be selfish but this wasn’t for you

it was for I

I needed what I wanted

out of me so that I can get the best out of you


no selfless

I contend

the worst parts of you

brought out the best parts of me

I just want to know when the rainbow disappears

and the sky cries

and plea’s begin to thunder out echoes

of worse times and dead butterflies

quaking grounds will shake

royal rumbles will break true lies

bubbling lava seeps into loose ties

will my angel with clipped wings

still be able to fly

After the romance

sweet sounds of linguistic tongue

touching and laughter stops

whats left

whether you or I

hell and mountains will move before

I’m touched

with momentum to change time

rewind minds and forget about the moment

I made a choice

to deposit

sublime injections

of kaleidoscope erections versions

of me spilled over til the day that I die

remnants of my emotions still writing

from the scripted tight rope walk

intense deep exhale

because it was I who

was chosen to keep you high


With the morning dew refreshed

thinking of a life redressed

How would it be,

a field of flowers

seeds planted in ground

no showers

should we dare grow

a colorless field

filled with different archetypes

side effects in plain view

sorted climate change

distorted by way of natures abstract

how would we think of  beauty



Im Trying…
A tear stained heart left however broken
could not match the whole sum of my soul 
filled full of total empty space
Im trying
but lost love is held captive somewhere
and I’m determined to find this disgraced arithmetic
that makes me up
cradled between certain uncertainties
countless desires, needs unmet
wants never set
a bastard child with feelings of neglect
so I try
to field the void filled with equal pieces of you
act out thoughts of fantasies 
thats less than or equaling a sum greater than you
yet I fear that its you that my dreams speak
missing in action
reality holding on for a  sublime glimpse
seeking hints or reflections of you 
in me 
I am her son shadowing undefined
unidentified face 
nothing to do with you
so I try
to find me defined in my best image
to erase traces of your mistakes 
because now I’ve grown and the need of you
has been replaced with needing me
I’ve explored these soup kitchens closed doors and all
trying to grow
trying to find my mold in this melting pot
stirred with missing parts
Im trying
not to build myself from the remnants of
what I have been through
her smile
his stature
our views
I have learned to use everything  I could
disguising chamelionizing
But right now I must dedicate this piece
to the journey of finding

Care Anymore

When did it become

hit and runs

championing trophies

divide and conquest

How did we destroy your beauty

stop enjoying the simplicities

of conversation

noticing your pet peeves

hearing that sweet symphonic

sound in your laughter

how did we start putting

sex before sex

wheres the value in investments

plundering and pillaging

adventurous lust compelling

guts for glory

where is the chase

what makes it worth while

knowing you before I know you

knowing what I like about you

before  knowing how to like you for you

how can one determine worth

when countless others have tried

to show me for you

I am at a loss beginning to think that

this is how the world should

treat you

despite my values and belief in courtship

one day you will be my daughter

or he your son

and I will have to live with

the world I have helped shape

convince you

to look at me the same

as I look at you

where is forever in that

I pray that control and discipline

continue to direct me

in the way of valuing so i can be

the reason for my own not to


Where’s the Spin on That!

You Vs. Communications Professionals, how are you different?

Image courtesy of happykanppy at

Image courtesy of happykanppy at

From birth it is said that we begin learning.  Adjusting to the environment is no easy task, and developing all our senses prove to be key, enabling one to actually begin this process.  Learning… how to walk, talk, think, adjust, and see, could easily be related to the ways that we communicate.  These are just a few of the baby steps taken in bridging the gap, becoming a blossoming intellectual.  As we continue to grow we are shaping our character, building a base foundation of who we are, will we ever be able to say we are complete?  I think not.  As the world turns and we evaluate our experiences it seems we routinely play catch-up to our constant changing values, placing accountability upon what we expect from ourselves, these very complex expectations change depending on what is experienced or witnessed in our day to day lives.   I would like to claim that these set of experiences is no different from communications professionals.  The skill do not lye in the way that we handle situations, but in the way we choose to break down issues and problems to come up with a plan, alleviating the bothersome worries that plague a group of people.  Yet the main question is what do mass communicators and public relations (PR) professionals do that is so different from what people do everyday.

When you look into your mirror in the morning getting ready to take on the world, you are not only looking at yourself.  You are looking at a vision, you may not realize it at the time but you are looking at something bigger than yourself. You notice the blemishes, the zit that wont go away, how white the teeth are, or not, you determine if your hair is acceptable, (not even to your standards) you are looking at the image you portray, and there is something that we all try to say with this appearance.  The answer, we hope to know before we leave is, were we successful.

Image courtesy of vegadsl at

Image courtesy of vegadsl at

Image is key, the professional knows this, you know this, so the work is started before you even know what your doing.  The difference between this first aspect and a normal individual is that while you are focusing on yourself, the professional is focused on the entities image, the relationships that it has with its publics and its employee’s.  The professional takes everything that you did to correct your image and applies it to an organization.  As we all know depending on what we are breaking into, this is not always an easy task and definitely not as easy as waking up in the morning and getting yourself ready.  So one constantly asks themselves during the day, throughout the day, was this successful.  This questions is asked so many times that at some point one will garner a play book of skills that can be toyed with in certain situations.

In order for all this to be possible an individual uses various forms of communication. When you go for that job interview you dress to impress for the job your applying for, this is a form of communication.  When you think that special someone can be standing right next to you, you attempt to communicate and gage your way to see if theres interest, this is another form of communicating.

The professional much like yourself has to find a way to break into this communication.  How you communicate reenforces your image.  This can be very tricky at times.  The image is not to get that special someone, or to even impress for that matter.  Its to attract an individual or individuals to take an active part in receiving your message.  You need a message that will deliver your viewpoint, and you have to deliver it in a way that people can understand and accept hopefully arriving to the same conclusion.

When you were just a little tyke you mocked a mirror image of your parents to learn how to speak, how to think, you understood what you didn’t like and vowed to be different and you made your own adaptations to what you thought was correct.

Managing yourself is no different from creating a brand, all one has to do is look in the mirror.  Its no different from expressing who you are, or what you may think is a good thing to get into.  Managing yourself is simply the way of the communications specialist doing their best to enforce the very same ideals of a company.  While some may not all agree with the image taken forth by some of the companies, they make mistakes just like humans do.  In this aspect I find that there is no difference between the way a communications professional works, much different from how we portray ourselves.

No matter what we get ourselves into when we arrive at that fork in the road we do our best to make sure that we stay in the game or get out when possible.  And to be honest I don’t see any type of spin in that.


Take me to a place

filled full of fantasy, dreams

exonerated ecstasy.

create magnetic sparks filtered excite

beneath skin driving heart beats

inspired movements loudly calling out

climactic chivalry

lasting morning


and night

give me something to eat

something to feel while feeding

watch life digest

brains expand

blossoming like flowers

with the sun’s dew dilingence

imparting light

give me a world unimaginable

so I can take it

and imagine new levels

setting my sights and creating it all over again

Shadow box

lifes crowded rooms bloom

shaded faces infiltrate

fade to black consume


Take me away
with words 
the whole song and dance of our expressions
Do they not permeate mind blossoming emotions
that cause some type of action stance reaction
In imaginations permanent rainbow arc
Take me away
with sounds
as I read aloud and dream
of dreams taking me on adventures
exploring my past lives conjuring epic reels of
fresh life details answers and movement
having a voice to give a voice the lovely power of sound thought
take me away
with seeds
planted belief in variations of possibility
give me the torch to succeed in my craft
as I painlessly pour my passion on a pen or a pad
maybe a mac
So that I can be apart of your journey and create a version of
higher inspired filled images
that only you
can help develop
Until then
keep taking me away
countless others paving the way
sharing and uniting  missions to 
write and recreate

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