R&B, SOUL & Hip-Hop

For Peace of mind
I love the way that you speak to me
pitching your words rhythmically
hey batter batter hey batter batter
who stands relentless combatting physically
I am just the signal caller
the catcher
setting you up for the pitch
signal the curve, the slider, the knuckle ball
for you to hit
but most of the time you think we are begging for you to miss
its you versus him him versus me
its us against them
but we all want them to hit home runs silently
this game isn’t just a game
its big business and politics
its communication between what’s left and what’s right
its the voice that cries a song that never dies
a story of multiple lives
you must see we all have our rights
but its to the left we stand
being hurt by our rights
we start wars verbally, paint pictures of violence that disturbs thee
umpire’s never yell out safe for we
he yells strike 1, suppossedly
we only got three
My hand hurts catching everything that you don’t see
and I think I said this before but no one wins if you don’t score
you would just be missing the whole ball completely
and to think we keep pitching these stories
choppin and baggin and servin our lives with 16 bars and a rhyme
real eyes realize real lies
Music gives me more news than real news
I wonder what you decide to listen to


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