Trust me,
are real.
They hide in
foregrounds within
realities backgrounds
shadowing life’s moments
with a cluttering chatter.
Unwanted extorted banter,
exfoliating brainwaves,
stimulating mind frames,
extensions of mind games,
conscious battles of self.
Sticking to your thoughts as
sweat beads over bodies
open heat rages beneath the skin.
hottest of days
hot in mind,
hot in body,
hot in soul
Emotions start to unfold
like a love note without the answer
curiously scared
is it the
instantaneous rejection?
artistic satisfaction?
waiting and contemplating
the mind pleads telepathy
seeking depth from the fruit
eaten by man and woman long ago
Knowledge is truth,
not fiction
Equates to power
beware of its control
we are born siamese
but what are we
when these two faces meet.


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