Excuse Me

Who do you think your not
I wonder
to feel compelled enough
to think
you can dictate lifestyle to me
have an opinion on how I should live
do I look like a fraud
using my talents to persuade & manipulate
conquering a fear of breathing under water.
Should I question my morality because you do!
you see I’m trying to stay true
to my value’s but
am I accountable for yours too!!
to live in your skin & perform like you do
See the doctors and scientist never discovered
puppet in my genes, nor the strings attached to one,
wooden cross controlling every movement
and sound that comes from me
but then again I wasn’t pieced together with
glue & nails expecting someone to live for me
I admit my wrongs and correct them accordingly
there is only one person that can control or define me
and thats just me
Then I wonder
who do I think I am
that you cant…
who are we?


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