I sit here smiling
inhaling, exhaling, I am

Life enter and exit at my will.
Flowing all around me, car engines and horns,
factories, smoke, birds, tree’s, the wind rushing against me
flowers, skylines…the sky
individual beauties, I am

Sense of sight, convergence of light
truth, lies, destinies, freedoms,
the smell of fresh cut grass, ripe strawberries, thanksgiving dinners,
people, happiness,sadness, birthdays, commencements,
sunrise, sun fall, stormy nights and rainy days, I am

My name spoken softly, harmonious laughs
music, friends, kids playing, sirens, screams, rain,
wind, thunder, love, I am
Lifes Journey.
Living out loud
and free
acquiring/accepting mine
life path and enjoying.

I am right
I am wrong
I am human
and so are you


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