Young Black Man

Hey I see you man
walking around with the world on your shoulders
this steriotypical weights been serving as
ball & chain way before you
Yeah Man I see you
Even before the days when our men and women
created you, I see through the eyes of life
behind the tears of cries, dying outside in sake of all our lies
Causing the pain through mere skin shades
passed on to live through my kind of the
younger age! How am I suppose to help you
survive through the dying day!….
Young black man….I see you
hiding behind the face of a race
that practices restraint day to day
because ignorant names never change and
The tone of your skin to some cause hate.
crimes committed barely see the light of day
meanwhile suspect in definition by your own race
just to be held captive by your own face?
So, Yeah man… I see you
I seen the boy who became a man in one day
I see the kindness behind the weakness…the strength behind negativity
the pride inside a boy that sleeps
a cry behind a man that thinks
Man Im saying I see you
I have lived your life ahead of you
been through things you fear may become of you
yet im standing right here to tell you
Keep your head up and find faith in you
we are survived by the breath of you
Young Black Man


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