Minority Report

I hear they put death to people like me.
they wonder why we fight
conditioned to see with eyes wide shut
closed case-black,
is what they think of me
a color that has deemed me less than a person
oh beautiful candy coated brown skin, symbolically rich, history on each finger tip
too much power for one man or woman to walk around with
and what can we do with it?
dare I walk outside without my skin some days
and drive a car without being pulled over
I see you who grabbed your purse in the mall yesterday
you who crossed the street to feel a bit safe today
the police man that follows me home every day
the black man that doesn’t think Im black enough everyday
the wife, who cant depend on her man, to be the man today
my memories become blackened and stained tear drops
I see…death put to people like me
emotionally raped, mentally slain, and physically drained
they wonder why we still fight
I fight for you
I fight for me
because hoping things will change
never changed a damn thing.
sticks and stones may break your bones
but words will always teach you
I learned today there is more than one way
to defeat you.


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