The Alchemist

My lab is a

standing ovation proposing opposing views

ingesting miraculous visions of life

diving into a

churning biblical mystified pool of light

digesting memorable seasons of continuous rites-

wrongs, and watching them be born again taking flight

 My lab

Pitch cocktail bombs on brains

tick…tick…tick…, boom!

exploding minds with

metaphysical euphoria

cataclysmic utopian gisms

 My lab

questions, then answers riddles

molecular space odyssey

travel enhancing numb membranes

flowing rhythmically above

skins radar… electromagnetic prisms

 My Lab

commits illegal telekinesis

robbing youths of mind

placing it on the shoulders and feet

of those who make differences

then claim with my stake and flag what truth is

 My lab

brings beginnings to an end

then begin again

to reflect the true state of what life is

(To Be Continued…)


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