I’ve been programmed un-programed and re-programmed again
I cant find a way to see you
I find myself in multiple personalities
you see the falsified illusions experiencing in depth mind evolutions holographic images of me
acting on thoughts of fantasy for every inch of you I see but, not me
and you
I still cant see
you see me see you I see you see me but who really takes the time to see anything
you represent sex to me, female
blinded by beauty
lust catches our eyes entangled in mental fallacies
symetry exist in blood rushing erections im thinking of erotic…psychotic…
wait !
I need to focus
I want more than your name
invisible you remain
I cant help succumbing to my sense of sight and
your a site for sore eyes and
I cant help but see the light reflect off your pigment causing a glow
I’ve studied your face so long I start to concentrate on what lies down below
Now …I start at the toes
working my way up
steady with caution recognizing every step
unison in movement your legs thighs and hips
sensual forward movement swaying back and forth forth and back and back to forward again
and again
I start to think of your chasity as my weight room
trust me
I have plans to move it
although I have painted my picture of being this
male walking wet dream thirsting for the hunger of you
my realities are un-intentionally vaginal
I cant seem to stop and focus
my sense of sight, images take flight and now I desire the sense of touch,
I must focus
but I cant fight the emotions of these
chance glances, lust dances, desirous passions and mental wet dreams
I admit im scared
of not saying or doing anything,
confusion in my thoughts re-enact itself in action
i beg of you, dont mind me
I have feelings and in time think of what they could mean


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