Fool For You

Cee-Lo Ft. Melanie Fiona
The great thing about music is transcendence.    It has the ability to continually cross the platform of emotion and reason.  The sounds of melodic tunes, crashing baselines and vocal sensations that touch something beyond the soul, something that is universally touched yet never really seen.  In comparison to writing, music cannot be taken at face value all the time.  It must be listened to and criticized, after all what is good music? Every one has their opinions, but what makes one attach themselves to a genre, one voice,

one artist, one particular sound?  As a fan of music I constantly think about this one question.  I have decided to go ahead and write about my experiences with music.  As poetry has word play and meaning, I am convinced this same level of passion travels through music and sound.  Even the music that I swear makes no sense! I find understanding in unique story telling, fantasies, in being apart of something that is bigger than the artist and myself.  Yes like everything human, music has been put in danger by the monetary value and proceeds that it can bring.  However, this does not mean that it does not, necessarily hold value.  It proves that our worlds music is but a reflection, a mirror of what thousands perceive the world to be, and their journeys, twists, turns, heartaches, pains, love, dreams and unthinkable destinies, that one was able to persevere in moments of adversity, and possibly how it has trapped them or maybe even us.  Artist give themselves to the world so that someone like myself can listen and relate to a situation and hopefully feel a sense of self help and reflection, it says something that we cannot do, hopefully preventing us from doing the unspeakable, yet sometimes like mammals we do have to go through the fire, make it through our storm, to better understand what is best for us.  It is not easy trying to live through anothers enlightenment.

Your probably wondering what this has to do with the picture of Cee-Lo & Melanie- Fiona’s track Fool for you.  Well like I said earlier music’s ability to transcend is its best quality, a metaphor can easily be attached.    This one could be a little easier than most as it deals with a common emotion that we all have come across, love.

I love this track because the instrumentation is perfect. The vocal range in which Cee-lo delivers, goes with the musicality. Melanie Fiona’s beautiful voice has a real nice off set as well, giving two sides to a story.  We cannot control some of the emotions and actions that we do while we are going through love, and it makes us act like a fool for better and for worse.  But if you find that someone special in your life where nobody can tell you nothing about it, doesn’t matter what your friends say what your parents say co-workers this is the one for you.  Cherish them and try not to let nothing get in the way.  It takes a life time to be on the same page with someone as everyone changes at one point in time.

This track excites me because not only does it sound like heaven, it give me a sense of happiness. If being a fool for the one you love is wrong, then god forgive me because I don’t want to be right, and I hope all those lovebirds out there, newly weds, and even family have the courage to admit it. This to me does not only pertain to the attachment of loving another person but in everything, all things that are loved.  I love to write when I am writing it feels so write (right!) So as the first post to my Rhythmz~N~Lyricz page I thought it only right to pay homage to a great song and for myself to even take the time out to finally write.  I hope all of you whom read, find it in yourselves to find what you are in love with, and do your best to live for it, its great feeling.

(please feel free to give comments on how I could make this a better read, after all I write for myself but ultimately for your enjoyment and feed back)


4 responses to “Fool For You

  • Chinaz Love

    This piece actually flowed like music…and I loved the way you added the track! Thanks!

    • Le Flore Inc.

      Thanks so much for your kind words. I am actually a music fanatic and I just thought I could share my opinions about good music and set the tone for how it really makes people feel and how important it is to listen to the full piece not just part of it. Thank you so much for your comment it really does mean the world to me.

  • Monique

    I don’t think you could have described what music brings any better! You have such a way with words! What you say about Cee-Lo’s song is interesting. I haven’t heard the song enough to truly understand what its saying. But what you say makes me listen to the song and think past the beats and drums. You have a talent with writing you need to share with everybody looking forward to more blogs. Hope you continue writing on a regular basis!!

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