Who You Are

Who You Are

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I have been listening to Jessie J for a while now and this album is so refreshing.  I am actually so involved with the thought of every one getting back to basics and, just being themselves that the album title “Who You Are” just really touched me.  Not to mention that the track itself is amazing, it made me listen to the rest of her songs a bit more carefully.  There are 17 tracks on the album and it features an acoustic version of  the album titled “who you are,” which really lets you feel the energy and really appreciate the vocal ability that she has displayed and greatly expressed.  This is not one of those tracks where you are going to hear big money sounds and repetitive  formats that garner those big bucks.  It’s really all in the title, and if you get lost in the instrumentation, the voice, and the content I am sure it will take you to a similar place.

Jessie J is an english singer whose album was pushed one month ahead to the satisfaction of her fan base, and while Jessie J, say’s it had taken her 6 years to complete this album, she noted that her song “Big White Room” one of my favorites, was written when she was just ten years old.  Due to an experience she had in a hospital, waking up seeing a young boy praying for his life due to an operation, only to leave Jessie J confused as to why the boy died the next morning.

Now if you have read any of my previous post you would know that I like to put artist songs in my own perspective, it is a very emotional song but for me I hear it as freedom.  In a sense of all these things that you have trapping you in life, you start feeling like your in this big white room she described, wanting to feel life. My context is slightly different from the track but it really is quite amazing, I am surprised that this has not received any radio play in the U.S.

The amazing song that has received radio play here has been her album titled Who You Are.  This track burst with emotion and energy, its about just being ok in your own skin. It is ok to make mistakes, and live, after all its the only way we learn how to better ourselves, I love the fact that she says in the opening verse “seeing is deceiving, dreaming is believing, its ok not to be ok, sometimes its hard to follow your heart, tears don’t mean your loosing every bodies bruising just be true to who you are”

Imagine waking up and starting your morning with this type of self confidence hearing that its ok to be where your at, at this point in time and that everyone is going through the same thing, powerful message and lovely song.  I actually love her studio album but if you could hear this woman live it must sound like heaven, she hits these notes that will leave you covered in goose bumps.

Like her acoustic version of Nobody’s Perfect you could tell that she was really starting to get into the song and let us peak into her world haven’t we all been in this situation? this is all I can say, I am absolutely wowed by her talent.  This review may have come too late as this album was out in 2011 but after hearing this track I have been thoroughly impressed by her originality and sound.   I will stop my random jabbering and let you experience yet another successful song that has debut on radio stations all over the U.S.  Called L.O.V.E

I really like this song because it sounds like it is coming from a good place, it is not overly dramatic or forced, it is about love pure in form.  The way it was meant to be given anyway.  What you are going to see with this album is a young woman being herself and to me you cannot be judged for being who you are we are a constant works of art, evolving, learning, and changing everyday, anything different would be fake.  When you get a chance check out this album and let me know what you think.

(please leave feedback on what you thought about the writing here also if you would like me to take a listen and review an album or track you think should get recognition)


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