King Mom

The strength in a mother is easily seen

single with two kids,1 dollar, fighting for three dreams

two beings

daughter, son

one being 


A sons connection,

mothers oppression,

fathers reckless rejection,

reasons for childhoods abandoned direction.

Her ill will sustained.


Mondays through Fridays 

seven days the week



there she goes

playing father again

Momz a soldier

but -son is weak

not knowing the role in which mother speaks

quietly he freaks

alone he thinks

for mothers can only fulfill one thing

leaving an empty spot in me

She teaches him how to pee

stand up, don’t sit down

thats the reach of a woman teaching a man to be

Reflections of a man I’ve grown to see

mirror mirror on the wall

I see you… 

see me, am I acting?

why do I feel

a missing presence as I 

set my gaze upon the wall behind me.

Ive come to understand the needs of women

yet fail to understand 

operating elements and mechanics 

that wield the making of man

clouded memories of mothers tongue

speaking to me as a boy

learning as a son

feeling neglect from some mans past moons

the battle is not hers alone 

shared regret sits well here

one of shame for the seed

and the other for lost definition

the product of a broken home learns

strength through courage amidst fear

mistakes as blessings 

knowledge to embrace or avoid

confidence to travel the journey knowing it only makes one strong

woman may not be best suited to teach a man how to be a man

but poised to teach a man how to make it through life

A King…worthy of the Crown


4 responses to “King Mom

  • wordsmaymove

    So beautiful and so true for many.

    • Le Flore Inc.

      This was a hard piece to write, coming from a broken home I wanted to tribute a hard working mother. throughout all our disagreements I have made it and all that hard work she has put in has not gone unnoticed. Thank you so much for your comment especially on a piece that so close to home.

  • Sahm Ataine King

    This… This is outstanding. Coming from where I do, seeing it through eyes I’ve opportunity to see it through, it’s real, speaking on all the necessary levels; how is a man to learn to be a man without his father? Yet, our mothers, these daughters of Gaea, were given power to make kings and gods of lost boys.

    Impressive work.

    • Le Flore Inc.

      Thanks for the appreciation, I wasn’t sure if I was going to be able to pull such a tribute off. Your comments have made it feel like a success thanks for your words most appreciative.

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