Amethyst Rocks **by Saul Williams**

***Amethyst Rocks***  Click for audio visual

“what I got

come and get some
(get on up)
hustler of culture”

i stand on the corner of the block slinging’
amethyst rocks
drinkin’ 40s of Mother Earth’s Private nectar

Dodgin’ cops
’cause five-o are the 666
and i need a fix of that purple rain
the type of %#&@$! that drives membranes insane

oh yes, i’m in the fast lane
snorting…candy yams
that free my body and soul
and send me like Shazam!

“never question
who i am
god knows”

and i know god personally
in fact, he lets me call him me

i be one with rain and stars and things
with dancing feet and watermelon wings
i bring the sunshine and the moon
and the wind blows my tune
i spoon powdered drum beats into plastic bags
sellin’ kilos of kente scag

takin’ drags off of collards and cornbread
free-basing through saxophones and flutes like
the high notes make me space float
i be exhaling’ in rings that circle Saturn
leaving’ stains in my veins in astrological patterns

yeah, I’m sirius b
Dogon’ niggas plotted %#&@$!, lovely
but the feds are also plottin’ me
they’re trying ‘ to imprison my astrology
to put my stars behind bars
my stars in stripes
using blood splattered banners
as nationalist kites
but I control the wind
thats why they call it the hawk
i am horus
son of isis
son of osiris
worshipped as jesus
resurrected like lazarus
but you can call me lazzie
yeah, I’m lazy
cause i’d rather sit and build
than work and plow a field
worshipping a daily yield of cash green crops

your evolution stopped
with the evolution of your technology
a society of automatic tellers
and money machines
nigga what?

my culture is lima beans
and tambourines
dreams manifest
dreams real
not consistent with rational

I dance f ) . n ) .ea ;)n
for reasons you can’t dance
caught in the inactiveness of intellectualized
you can’t learn my steps until you unlearn my
spirit soul can’t be store bought

%#&@$! thought
it leads to naught
simply stated it leads to you
tryin’ to figure me out

your intellect is disfiguring soul
your beings not whole
check your flag pole:
stars and stripes
your astrology is imprisoned
by your concept of white
of self
what’s your plan of spiritual health?
calling reality unreal
your line of thought is tangled
the star spangled got your soul mangled
your beings angled
forbidding you to be real and feel
you can’t find truth with an ax or a drill
in a white house on a hill
or in factories or plants made of steel


was the smartest thing you ever did
too bad you don’t teach the truth to your kids
my influence on you is the reflection you see
when you look into your minstrel mirror
and talk about your culture

your existence is that of a schizophrenic vulture
who thinks he has enough life in him
to prey on the dead
not knowing
that the dead ain’t dead
and that he ain’t got enough spirituality
to know how to pray
yeah, there’s no repentance

you’re bound to live

so while you’re busy serving your time
i’ll be in sync with the moon
while you run from the sun
life of the womb
reflected by guns
worshipper of moons
i am the sun
and i am pulic enemy number one
one one one
one one one
that’s seven
and i’ll be out on the block

hustlin’ culture
slingin’ amethyst rocks


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