Respiratory Revelation

Let this breathe…
inhale these words of orbital enlightenment
rings. Sting the membranes
                            Shock the brainwaves
Release! the humane societal downgrade
         remember the sunlight
                         Soak in the limelight
Embrace this substance
                                that gets your mind
Let this breathe…
upload your culture
                explore your history
   unlock the keys to your hidden destiny
define the moments
        proud to be
stand your ground
                  START MAKING SOUNDS
Let this breathe…
feel the grief
          see our deeds
pain and suffering
                    children bleed
to what end will we start
           and defend
life is short
                 where to begin
they begin to shoot
                     robbing our skin
            death becomes us
from within
Let this breathe…
                ITS TIME TO ADJUST
 value ourselves
                  that starts with us
                         to clean these wounds
and settle our just
                  finding ourselves
                              LIVING LOUD AND FREE!

         now exhale


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