Welcome to the world of…

So what if we lost.
round table, and
sword in the stone willing to fight those
unjust practices, just
in-just factions
fairy-taling fables.
you see…
eyes sea the divide
waters rise
strong to the left and the right
those who believed in their faith
kept safe, by the delivery of Israel’s saving grace
then the walls collide
only one feeling left, those in the middle kept.
How great it is to be alive
we were once destroyed by our own demise
if history repeats it will be behind the sight of our
some where
seeing became belief
pimping the brain- washing
all consciousness away
yet this time we stand amongst our fate
eyes bugged wide
watching yet again and again
and again
we build our city of
Sodom and Gomorrah
open your eyes, even sheep weren’t blind-wool…
that was just a disguise
human kinds unity denied
selectively undefined by the racial
parade of faces inconspicuously defined
we can stop the war on crime
but fail to value our
selves enough to deal with who we are inside
welcome to the world of…
you decide.


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