Stars Girl

Various Artist

Alright so I know I have been late giving you some of the music that has caught my ear.  And as usual I have been discovering old music that I like to call lost gyms in a world of music.  Yes I said gyms because listening to music is like a work out of the mind and perception.  I recently got my hands on a mixtape by Dj Triple exe, and what caught my attention was the cover art of Anthony Hamilton, Tyrese, and Breezy on the cover so it caught my eye, and my interest just thinking of what type of tracks would be included on this.

I tell you this song called Stars Girl is amazing to me.  I know rhythms and blues usually have a format with males talking about love and love lost so on and so on.  I don’t feel that there are many songs that stray from that topic.  This track however got me thinking of a whole lot of things.  It covers to me what seems like the images and the exterior desires that effect a mans mode of thinking when he first see’s a woman.

Tank, then goes in to talk about what a stars girl is, the materialistic values of a stars girl, the type of men she dates, the type of mentality she has, how she commands the room  and then the ultimate heart crusher is when he says A stars girl is not a wife girl. The hip hop beat with strings of melodic  touches and the voice of Tank really pulls this track together.  I am just so involved with this song for some reason tell me what you all think

This track has only been included on his mix tapes or other mix tapes however it is not included on his album which is a banger as well. His Album This Is How I feel is out in stores now check it out on iTunes I am sure you will enjoy it as much as I have.  Other tracks on his album this is how I feel to check out are



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