Today I got home from work, took a nap and woke up trying to figure out what to write about. Well in thinking about this I woke up to the movie Ali. What was so interesting to me in this movie was the underlying concepts the writers played with. The most important thing that stuck out to me, is the military draft scene, as a black male I find it very important to see black males on screen that have character. Now I am not going to debate the patriotic statements made in the movie but make the connection with something I believe we all have lost. That is character, the ability to think about a certain situation, be able to say I agree and or disagree and be able to live with the consequences of your actions. I believe this is the epitome of being able to live free and this is what america is all about right? When he gets a phone call, his reply was I do not have any problem with the chinese etcetera, etcetera… he says that they never called him the word NIGGER. Now as we all know, or hopefully should know, this word once associated with one person is meant to be dehumanizing, he says nobody in southeast asia has called him that name. Insinuating that he does not have a problem with the chinese he has a problem with the people right here where he lives. (I thought that was an emotional part for this time period) He shows that he has the intellect, and the courage to stand up for his beliefs wherever they may take him. This is what builds character and defines a person. I know today there are a lot of things that prevent us from being who we are, but every once in a while it would be nice if we could all stand out side this made up world and take time to just be ourselves and shine light on our character. In the end this is all you have after you leave this world a lasting impression of you were and what you were able to accomplish.


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