Business Planning

The business plan can be very trying at times especially when you are trying to figure out how you want to impact and leave a mark in the mass communications/ media industry. As a aspiring writer the most important thing to me is to be creative and have content that will not only increase your readership but also compel others to change and or educate them about things they are not aware of. The way that the internet has taken off it has drastically dramatized the small new comer, however popped up some very interesting aspects and ways that were no available to those before. However, before you get to any business plan you must look at yourself. The most important attribute any CEO or idealist will stamp on their company will pull form their work ethic and their strategic planning. If you the planner is strong the plan should be decently strong, decent because it is hard to try and forecast what will happen in the future especially in this economic time and whats available. From what I have read the first questions an entrepreneur must ask themselves is, are they willing to work, the hours will be long (especially if you have a day time or rotating shift job) hours and you must put in the work to be successful. So in my first thought to start a business plan I have came up with a few questions that I have had to ask myself in order to see if I was ready for this adventure.

1) are you ready to spend the time, money, and resources required to get a business started?

2) Are you able to admit openly (search and ask for) things that you don’t know?

3) Are you able to be cautious and mindful in your decision making ?

4) What type of skill sets do you have to contribute to your business goals?

5) Am I a creative problem solver?

6) What type of legal structure will I use to start my business?

7) What are my strengths and weaknesses?

8) Am I a self Starter?

9) Do i enjoy challenges?

10) Am I fully invested in this idea?

Mind you I am close to being a business owner and these are just my thoughts, I believe these questions are very important because of the the things that I have had to deal with as far as getting my foundations started, family and others to get on the same page my confidence in check etc… This does not even scratch the surface of other questions that will have to be answered while planning but it is a good start to see where you are at. A lot of questions have been left out of this due to the fact that if your ready to start this journey there must have been a considerable amount of interest and questioning that has already been answered, but as I have read if you are planning to be the business owner the buck stops with you, there is no looking over your shoulder for certain decisions to be made its all about you and your vision. Happy planning and please feel free to add questions that you deem important that has helped you along your way.


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