Sweet Recluse

I found a secluded cave
far off in the distance
something like an abyss
a hidden well
sunk-in cradle of the deep
with secret chambers
passages of olde
like castles and dungeons
away from the madness and the pain
I found a place to say
maybe, its ok


this place seems new to me
yet familiar with
archaic drawings and
post modern carvings
lost memories yet
these symbols have yet lost touch
feel regret
with things unremembered
remember being free
letting my mind wonder
amongst the trees, stars, and
bees so sweet the taste
of being me


how dare I
revel in retreat
abandoning ways of life
that bring character
that define differences
refines personal commitments
noticeable conditions set
to separate the pigments


I know your only protecting me from the world I fear wont accept
but i must escape the comfort of your solace and solitude


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