Greater Than one: DWELE


Dwele’s refreshing voice is back on the scene with his new album “GREATER THAN ONE”. An album featuring appearances of Raheem DeVaughn (What You Gotta Do),  Monica Blaire (Swank, PATrick RONald), J. Tait, L’Renee & Black Milk (Must Be).

The voice amazing as it is, I am surprised that he has not garnered more recognition for this album.  It is smooth and easy with no chasers.  The concept of the album is a beautiful ode to women, and the men that get tangled in their webs. Attraction, lust, love, are all components of a complex and growing divine passion and unpredictable when attention is not paid.  This can cause the unexpected to occur in the most interesting of atmospheres it can be totally mental, or physical.

My favorite tracks are Love triangle- it reminds me of young love when it seems that women are plenty and and possibilities are so endless.  When you are at the curious state when meeting any interesting attractive woman.  Oh the single days…

What you gotta Do Feat Raheem DeVaughn is a fav, simply because I love both of these artist their voices their style and it actually took me down memory lane basically listen to the track and you will most definitely understand I guarantee

My favorite track is Must Be- its upbeat and speaks to the soul for me.

I hope that you all check out this album it is really refreshing.  Let me know what you think.


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