Food & Liquor II

It is interesting why some albums do not get the proper marketing scheme to help promote the growth and valuable messages behind music.  I like to do little reviews on music based on what they mean on a personal level and the connection between emotions, life, experiences, and movement.  Some people like to view the stories of celebrity through the visual reality shows, and I am hooked on life lessons that seem pure by artist leaving their emotions and lives on tracks to reach and teach others for life times to come.  This is how they will live long after they have gone.  So with that I give you my fav tracks off Lupe Fiasco F&LII.  I did not even know he was going to have an album come out.  I just saw it pop up on a website and had to take a listen.  The album cover Pitch Black- with the parental advisory label sticking out is kind of dramatic and I got the feeling that this album would be serious.
-The Great American Rap Album Part 1

The most notable tracks to me are: Ayesha’s Intro (spoken word Poem), Strange Fruition, Around My Way, Lamborghini Angels, How Dare You, Brave Heart, Hood Now,

Let me know what you think of these tracks.


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