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Fantastic review on Food & LIquor 2: The Great American Rap Album PT.1 Good Look Hiphophideout


Lupe Fiasco first exploded onto the scene in 2005, when Kanye West featured him on “Touch The Sky”.  Wielding his mighty pen and supported by an impressive mixtape series, eyes and ears took notice on the rising star, prompting veteran rapper JayZ to declare him, “a breath of fresh air”.  Subsequently, his classic debut album, “Food And Liquor” further solidified the hype — this kid was the real deal.

“The Cool”, his sophomore release, was also critically acclaimed, but dark clouds were brewing; Lupe found himself in a heated and ugly label dispute over his follow-up album, “Lasers”, which incited fans to start an online petition and protest for its release.  The record eventually saw the light of day, but reviews were mixed and fans expressed their disappointment, blaming Atlantic Records for forcing the star to sugar-coat his rhymes and production in an effort to pursue pop trends.  There were some…

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