Kaleidoscope Dream-Miguel


Miguel, the 2011 Soul Train award winner for best new artist describes his passion for making music stemmed from his mother, whom loved classic R&B music and father whom was an amateur musician.  The love his parents had left a lasting impression on Miguel since he was five years old however, his dreams did not start with music but dance.  An avid Michael Jackson fan, Miguel wanted to follow in MJ’s steps as a dancer and performer and did not take his music, rather his passion seriously until he was age 13, where he got his taste of desire with his first group Drop Squad.

It was not until around May of 2010 that Miguel would formerly introduce himself and his talents to the world with his hit single “All I Want Is You”  His amazing vocals, his sound, his words, shocked the industry bolstering him as one of the top R&B break out artist in 2011.  He would go on to generate three top 10 singles in 2010-2011.  While Miguel goes on to claim his passion of music, he also is humbled by this step of success and shares it with his family.  He plans on letting his art take him to what ever heights its willing to climb whether it is writing for other artist, or performing on broadway.

Until other options arise for him he has found his home in the studio as he gets ready to introduce his October 2012 album Kaleidoscope Dream.  Although you can find a full preview of his new album online I felt it only right to say this album sounds good, feels good, with a very nice production.  Something that we most definitely come to expect from the artist, this album does not dissapoint.

The first track Adorn– Is amazing, it  boasts of love no matter what stage, invokes memories of that first time or perhaps that particular moments when you just wanted your love to decorate the person you are enamored with.  Its pure message of what love is intended for is clearly stated within the track “the same way that the stars adorn the skies yeah (every night baby)/hey look up sugar/hey hey hey the same way that my whole world’s in your eyes (when I look in your eyes babe)/ooh in this time now let my love adorn you baby” sounds like a cry of true love.

Track two Don’t Look Back– This track blew my mind it speaks on the fear of commitment.  It reminds me of the movie Think Like A Man, Act Like A Woman.  “I feel the night approaching, the moon is calling me/ the love that eyes have witnessed/ the horrors I can be/ I felt compelled to warn you” the hook starts out “dont look back/and promise me you’ll run and don’t look back”  thats a powerful and deep statement, if he does not return before the sun, promise me youll run no matter what.  Saving one from further heart ache and pain because the appetite is too unstable.  What song is putting out such a warning.  It may be a bit sad once you think of it but artistically sensational.

Track eight Where’s The Fun In Forever Ft. Alicia Keys– “where is the fun in forever/would you love so hard/would you strive to be better/we have gone this far/have you ever stopped to think about how we would be/any way tomorrow’s just a day away/ if tomorrow is not promised whats the fun in forever/celebrate” This song would be favorite, it asks a very interesting question, it reminds me to live out loud and free…to exist boldly,some of the things that you take for granted now, why not appreciate all the things that we miss trying to fit into a small window of society

Bottom line this album is a must listen and I hope you all enjoy my favorite songs on this album, I am sure that you will be surprised.  This is one of those albums that you just push play and let it ride.  Even if you do not listen to the lyrics the beats compliment the voice, very catchy and something that you could definitely get lost in.

Listen to the album and share what you think. Let me know if you were surprised by any tracks as there are a total of 8 tracks 11 if you get the deluxe on iTunes.


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