Consequences of “Being Alone Together”

I have been taken back by this six track EP Being Alone Together, the concept rings out throughout the whole song.  It talks of relationships and I deem it the consequences of being together.  There are good days bad days and those days where we realize the weaknesses and or soft spot we desire for each other to be by our side.  This is a roller coaster album it takes you on those trips that you have definitely travelled.  Daley’s voice captures and stirs emotion as the lyrics sit on top for one to just take a deep breath and say damn.  His soulful sounds connect on to our human desires and helps us reflect that although its not always perfect it is something worth cherishing at least thats what I enjoyed from the album, but dont take my word for it take a listen and tell me what your thoughts on the album are.

I have been enjoying the sounds of Daley,another UK Singer/songwriter whose emergence has garnered appearances with famous songstress Marsha Ambrosius and Jessie J. Both artist hail from the UK collaborating on songs, Alone together, (Marsha A.) and  Remember Me, (Jessie J.)  While his diversity has earned him such accolades in two categories in the 2012 Soul Train music awards, one for best international performance or “Centric Award” and  the second, their overall award “Best Outstanding artist.”

He is not shy, showing his vocal abilities covering songs from Madonna, Maxwell, Usher, Amy Winehouse.  I first stumbled upon this artist because I saw a song by Marsha whom happens to be one of my favorite soul artist, and once I heard the track I had to listen to his EP Alone Together via Republic Records.   The fact that he was able to record with such a successful artist in Marsha and then come back with an upbeat track with Jessie J.  Another artist I enjoy, shows his unique ability to create music that both capture his sound consistently and displays his range and diversity in song choice.  listening to a few of Daley’s covers the 22 year old singer has a lot of talent and I am sure will be making music that we all can sit down and vibe to on rainy and sunny days.     take a look at his other songs the following are the ones I have enjoyed.

Those who Wait

Game Over

Smoking Gun


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