Thought of The Day

This will be the first time I have attempted to write this year, and I stumbled at the thought, what I could possible write.  I want to wish a Happy New Years to all my followers, friends and family. I hope this year will bring you much closer to what ever it is that you desire to become this year.

Happy New years

Happy New years

It is amazing how transitional life is.  Encounters with someone new, work, old friends, everyone constantly changes, it may not show today, but it may just announce itself out of the blue while you are enjoying your morning paper, tea, or coffee, whether you were listening to your iPod, radio or just taking in the scenes on the normal day to day drive.      We have another year to do it all over again, pick ourselves up and give it our best shot. For me I will attempt to further my journey of finding my voice.

Not the mere sound that exits my mouth as I speak, but how I am most affective with my voice, in person as well as in my writing.  I hope to be a bit more focused.  I often wonder how to project my words.  While speaking with a friend we were discussing how much words matter. Yes, so do actions  but which ever comes first we have already been stained with both.  If you say something and then do something different, are we not hung up on both?

Well this thought came after reading poetry, and then some of my own, and what I really hoped to see my work, my voice do.  My words have been penned with passion, emotions, and some type or form of thought, some personal, some ideas mixed with personal happenings as well as others,  at the end of the day I hope it will give a glimmer to the mood changes we as people and humans go through.  I cant account for all those feelings that  everybody else preserve, and I certainly cant tell you that everyone seeks the same from the writings.  I want mine to say its ok, I want it to say that you are not alone, I want my voice to say quite frankly, shit happens every day and we have to find a way within ourself, family and friends to either get over it, cope with it, and at the end of the day forgive our selves for allowing someone the power to throw us off balance.

Dream big

Dream big

Today I realized that if I didnt have poetry to write that it did not mean that I was not able to at least write something.  I also found myself looking at other poems to force feel and for me, my writing is not quite effective that way.  So as I struggle to find my voice, my moods, and my ability to let it flow, I have taken up writing in other ways.  And for all you fellow writers out there that have the same problem, I say dream big and become bigger.  I had a teacher once tell me that the biggest problems that writers have, is that they do not keep them selves writing.  As intriguing as that sounds I wonder why its true.

Please share your comments on what you want your voice to be, mean, maybe include somethings that you do to keep you writing.

I hope you enjoy my thought of the day and I hope in some shape or form that this has touched you the way that it was meant to.

Happy New Years and I will see you all around.


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