Only If….

The Curse of the Gifted 
didn’t want to lie
fabricate emotion or meanings
only wanted, hoped, and pleaded for the real thing
we all grow and learn
everyday limited passion
replaced with fond memories 
learned experiences 
becoming a better self
The price of having a voice
sharing past, present, and future truth,
slinging words, feelings, and innovative ideas
for active thoughts-definitive action
proposals of loyalty
tithes for the silence of lovers 
satisfying gratuity
leveling the plateau 
leaking escape from the mold 
of ones perfect circle
Gifted are those who place the true
value of one as one
and cursed are those who recognize
the jagged edge to their perfect circle
consuming the need of change
When all one ever wanted
was one plus one to be two
enjoying the fork in the road
of that rollercoaster journey.
yet we trap our own intentions
with the overpowering curse of possession
fighting the war against puppetry, self, and
the curse of the gifted always stares back
at you in undying mirrors.

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