Le Flore Inc.

Life leads us in a lot of different directions.  Le Flore Inc.  is the direction life has given me. It has given inspiration to answer the question of purpose in life. The idea of being happy and content, doing what you love, and helping others in the process.  Owning a company will help fuel the desire to live by our motto, “Leave Your Mark…Live Out Loud & Free.”

There is a lot of work that has to be done to embark on this endeavor.  We are in the baby steps of developing two of the most important goals that will hopefully become our foundation, entering the publishing industry, and the photography industry.  We wish to touch as many people around the world and build an organization that stand for more than just materialism and glamour.  This will be the road we strive to take and how we decide to leave our mark, living out loud and freely.

Le Flore Inc.



2 responses to “Le Flore Inc.

  • Lisette Sanchez

    Great Job Mr. Le Flore. You truly have a way with words and I hope that you can open doors for others out there who share the same interests as you. Keep on Keepin’ on 🙂

  • Monique

    Your number one fan! Your writing touches the soul and speaks to the heart with passion. 🙂

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