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How do you….

How do you do that

mask your emotions

and hide your thoughts


How do you


pretend to be happy

act ok

let them have their way


How do you


handle the pain

not blame those for the reign

continue to smile


How do you


still care

still help

still offer chances


how do you


believe what they tell you

listen to their lies

remain so calm


how do you?


Its simple

I know who and what I am

and exactly what I’m not

no one can change that but me


I am he – We are you

I heard what you had to say yesterday

the pain felt anger

condemning those who seek to control the outcome

conveyance of blatant murder

they say the flavor of death has been seasoned

by we who sprinkle tweaks

in audibles of failed reason

claiming it’s ok when we


lo-jacking our young


hi-jacking our minds

we begin to start killing our kind


postponing thoughts of saving countless lives

loosing them to the streets whether it be black on black crime

or mishandled weapons of mass destructions

still we choose when to yell bloody murder


are you with me

there’s bound to be plenty of fruitful nights

lying ahead just around the bend

over there…

yes, and right here

look in your backyards

because while we lay sleep-dormant to the fight

I am still him

and we are still you

lost ones dying in the light

caught in the crosshairs of an uneven life

pitted within the mixture of matchbox realities

and hand grenades

who stands witnesses to those cocktail bombs thrown

at hollowed tree’s and burning crosses

lives hanging in the balance

triggers pulled as chaos runs through the night

maybe we are scared of the fight

too numb to find a way to deliver proper justice

in the hour when no one is looking

I never thought death

a natural happening

would attack before its scheduled time

an unbecoming enemy considering the inevitable

what becomes of…

I am him and we are you

when it causes me to keep check of my neck and shoulders

when it scares the innocent to be stopped by those blue marching soldiers

I understand the notion of those who think we dont know about the countless others

but we do

ill-advised experiences have shown me to save myself so I can write the plight

of unforgotten memories in remembrance of you



at the end of the day we dont need things to be televised

this type of…

well hell

lets just say it happens everyday

and why who is the blame

who should feel ashamed

we continue to let it happen

I use to think it was a choice of lifestyle that caused us not to speak

but its plain to see

theres to many dangers in standing up

when murderers are allowed to roam free

we are afraid and held captive by our own mental trappings

so today will remain to be like yesterday

our past, present and future are written

Miss America-petty thoughts

are we about knowledge or about change

American pain.


Tiki Island Sculpture NYC

Tiki Island Sculpture NYC


Tiki Island NYC

Tiki Island NYC

Hookah & Drinks

the smoke

the smoke

Only If….

The Curse of the Gifted 
didn’t want to lie
fabricate emotion or meanings
only wanted, hoped, and pleaded for the real thing
we all grow and learn
everyday limited passion
replaced with fond memories 
learned experiences 
becoming a better self
The price of having a voice
sharing past, present, and future truth,
slinging words, feelings, and innovative ideas
for active thoughts-definitive action
proposals of loyalty
tithes for the silence of lovers 
satisfying gratuity
leveling the plateau 
leaking escape from the mold 
of ones perfect circle
Gifted are those who place the true
value of one as one
and cursed are those who recognize
the jagged edge to their perfect circle
consuming the need of change
When all one ever wanted
was one plus one to be two
enjoying the fork in the road
of that rollercoaster journey.
yet we trap our own intentions
with the overpowering curse of possession
fighting the war against puppetry, self, and
the curse of the gifted always stares back
at you in undying mirrors.


As far as the eye can see
adorned on non clothed canvasses
all shapes and sizes
More spectacular than anyone has 
waiting patiently to be opened
if even for a minute
to share the hidden treasure
only thoughts-
dare to explore
care not about your loyalty
or acceptance to fit in
 thinks nothing of your ability
laughs at attempts of normalcy
the eye to soul’s desire
a shield
to do what you have always dreamed
fortuity waits only for those with courage
with open fixtures, hands, and mind
digest all life, breathe will,
embrace dreams
and conquer indifference’s holding you back
every one has windows
to open
The opportunity exist
for your window to exhale

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