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With the morning dew refreshed

thinking of a life redressed

How would it be,

a field of flowers

seeds planted in ground

no showers

should we dare grow

a colorless field

filled with different archetypes

side effects in plain view

sorted climate change

distorted by way of natures abstract

how would we think of  beauty



Love Injection

I stood tall light headed in disbelief,
My brain felt dizzy…as my sight began To focus on what appeared to me
She was as real as light traveling through Hemispheres!
With reflections of truth like Eve looking at her-Fruit-tree
Only she is the fruit looking at me
With kinetic energy signature stamped
On the meeting of eyes that began Intense friction
I began contemplating my speech Im thinking!
Forget about the words, forget the nouns and verbs Of creative tongue
I want to stain the flesh
With pictures and symbols like Hieroglyphics preserved on walls
I want to bare imprints of expressions Long enough for the discovery of souls
Intertwined so strong you can relax knowing
That this legacy of our time
Will forever be told!
Like the Bible of life
Im thinking of love on a purity level
Im thinking…maybe theres something more
Than living between those sheets
More than the pleasure of being on bended Knees
Im thinking of wanting you for your needs
And all I need is your answer
this time Im putting you before me


Maybe it was in my eyes
tear ridden and filled with sorrow
but thats just one way my pain escapes me
are these the images & signs crying out
is it over
Could it be in my attitude
where negative words are birthed in a rage
shrieks, shouts…resonating the temple
becoming this war of broken promises & lost hopes
are these the screams & shouts fulfilling
the images & signs of mental crying
is it over
Or is it my physical expression
the way my smile turned into upsidedown
the grotesque look of disgust…
change of body language which only showed
you pain!
is it over…
Are these the symptoms you see
the images & signs of cries, the
feeling of mental dehydration,
the physical expressions of disgust
does this make you feel
it’s over?

Lost Moments

Can you feel this attraction
touching you,
touching me,
the elevated heat,
the sweat beginning to bead,
the rapid hearts unforgettable
Did you feel our eyes meet
a shiver through the body
straight to the feet
the break in time just to dream
could you feel the
moment we lost
filled thoughts, words lost
escaping lips
missing reality
Did you feed yourself full of wonder
once attraction lapsed
Did you think of me?
after time passed

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