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Only If….

The Curse of the Gifted 
didn’t want to lie
fabricate emotion or meanings
only wanted, hoped, and pleaded for the real thing
we all grow and learn
everyday limited passion
replaced with fond memories 
learned experiences 
becoming a better self
The price of having a voice
sharing past, present, and future truth,
slinging words, feelings, and innovative ideas
for active thoughts-definitive action
proposals of loyalty
tithes for the silence of lovers 
satisfying gratuity
leveling the plateau 
leaking escape from the mold 
of ones perfect circle
Gifted are those who place the true
value of one as one
and cursed are those who recognize
the jagged edge to their perfect circle
consuming the need of change
When all one ever wanted
was one plus one to be two
enjoying the fork in the road
of that rollercoaster journey.
yet we trap our own intentions
with the overpowering curse of possession
fighting the war against puppetry, self, and
the curse of the gifted always stares back
at you in undying mirrors.


As far as the eye can see
adorned on non clothed canvasses
all shapes and sizes
More spectacular than anyone has 
waiting patiently to be opened
if even for a minute
to share the hidden treasure
only thoughts-
dare to explore
care not about your loyalty
or acceptance to fit in
 thinks nothing of your ability
laughs at attempts of normalcy
the eye to soul’s desire
a shield
to do what you have always dreamed
fortuity waits only for those with courage
with open fixtures, hands, and mind
digest all life, breathe will,
embrace dreams
and conquer indifference’s holding you back
every one has windows
to open
The opportunity exist
for your window to exhale


 Im in love with the…


the thought of having one around

going through it

the madness of arguments

the screaming,

the fighting and neglect of…

passionate moments unjust

un-wasted hunger just cause

we love.

For moments at a time,

then years fade we change


competition breeds summer scent

springs beauty

distracted by refreshment

unstable from the heat

we get wrapped up in weakness

not even cement starts out strong

Im in love with the…


the thought of avoiding loneliness

anger rises with poached hearts

yet seeds are dropped for love to


belief in one

after all things we’ve done

been through

 its never safe to say…

I got it-

my need not to be alone

feeling around the dark I seek the need

of a life long witness

exploring the depth of life’s adventures

entering the fiery pit of

good times some bad

I love you,

I think you love me too

although words spoke

cuts deep

your heart hurts

mine does too

but its our world

its just us two

me & you

no matter the storm

accept the grandeur

forgive us lord for hearts in-flight

our unstable emotions that cause


and grant us this love

for life

Love Injection

I stood tall light headed in disbelief,
My brain felt dizzy…as my sight began To focus on what appeared to me
She was as real as light traveling through Hemispheres!
With reflections of truth like Eve looking at her-Fruit-tree
Only she is the fruit looking at me
With kinetic energy signature stamped
On the meeting of eyes that began Intense friction
I began contemplating my speech Im thinking!
Forget about the words, forget the nouns and verbs Of creative tongue
I want to stain the flesh
With pictures and symbols like Hieroglyphics preserved on walls
I want to bare imprints of expressions Long enough for the discovery of souls
Intertwined so strong you can relax knowing
That this legacy of our time
Will forever be told!
Like the Bible of life
Im thinking of love on a purity level
Im thinking…maybe theres something more
Than living between those sheets
More than the pleasure of being on bended Knees
Im thinking of wanting you for your needs
And all I need is your answer
this time Im putting you before me


What happened to the hunger
proverbial head trip
entrenched authentic
irrefutable adolescence
who dreamed of travel
blindly riding the currents of wind
tracing their footsteps
exploring their peace of heaven
hearing a voice of contention
in a mainstream existence
forced to choose between
rich or poor
what happened to the good days
kids playing in the sand box
swinging playing hop scotch
jump rope type days
cops and robbers
cowboys and indians
vivid convictions genuine in essence
but these times know no hesitation
it waits for no one
like raw alcohol with no chaser-we chase it
some how we learned to engulf this
temporary penetration of fulfillment
choking on this
poisonous hope
becoming slave to the trade, induced green paper grains
we use to dream of life
stuck on stupid
with our hands out and pockets parched
we swallow humanity salivating
oh how sweet it would be to have that next dead president
lie full in our pockets
its clear
we’re not all about the Benjamins
we want it all
sacrificing happiness and family
tied up and hanged
openly and publicly
stitched in the values of material things
we contract this image and glory
money over bitches
sex cars and switches
we stain the youth
passing the buck
we pitch tents with for sale signs
cashing in the monetary values
robbing youth of minds
blindly raping sheep in wolfs clothing
we are building a race to death cycle
obviously civilization lives not
and it shows no regret
there will be no reward
and honor left this place a long time ago
sailing away on a ship never to be found
and we wonder where it went
we must right this ship
free the May Flower

Conscious Mind

As the clock strikes
time hits close to home
I ponder the words you speak
bathe and soak in
emotions that breath
conceptions misconception
the miseducation
of feelings flight
like a flower blossoming in favor of summer reign
I depend on you like the soil of
seasons change
Hoping that you return to replenish
lord forgive me for I am weak
give me the strength to find what I seek
my days are long and my will is at sleep
I feel failure for getting lost in achievements
I have big dreams but tired of my same ole speech
when will I allow myself to live free
its the goal that I try to preach
ideals are nothing without the drive to complete
mind over matter
I sharpen skills
where the outer shell is strengthened
and focus is in contention
direction is still lacking
lost like a dream
like clouds storming over
all that nature owns
fields unable to predict
the outcome of natures act
the earth
forever wrapped in the wrath of evolution
force proving to be the strongest
yet able to be still and calm
it reflects
I search for my lost treasure to bare
in skills that will allow me to be fruitful and happy
giving my all to the things I love
that depend on my surrendering soul have faith
in my turnaround yet
patiently I wait
for the missing principle
that will govern my
my cries pray out to all whom listen
tithing tear drops as offerings
seeds to be planted in this life or the next
I only wish to provide
for those who know my consuming eyes
cry to sustain the dryness of red eyes and
lost flights
my struggle with growth
begins to unfold
the drama surrounds me as I sit here cold
wondering about the next steps
and what it takes for one to be bold
how do you make your dreams come true
while traveling the road filled with
self doubt and being

For Moment Sake

Control guilty pleasures of swallowing sin

sweet sincere passions, travel amongst wild winds

serenity caressing sweet fingertips of joy

pain, reveling in the innocence of rampant intuition

wandering amongst fine lines of ambiguous terrain

moments floating in a shroud of mistakes

lost compliments, desirous straits

pure intentions scour the depths with or without meaning

falling for something, only for being

overwhelmed by the power of endless fantasies

exhausted emotions rage against the beloved

attesting ideas and possibilities,

behold awareness of your feelings

involved are we whom stand next to bearable fruits

forbidden or not, human nature craves existence in adventurist shots

Consequences of “Being Alone Together”

I have been taken back by this six track EP Being Alone Together, the concept rings out throughout the whole song.  It talks of relationships and I deem it the consequences of being together.  There are good days bad days and those days where we realize the weaknesses and or soft spot we desire for each other to be by our side.  This is a roller coaster album it takes you on those trips that you have definitely travelled.  Daley’s voice captures and stirs emotion as the lyrics sit on top for one to just take a deep breath and say damn.  His soulful sounds connect on to our human desires and helps us reflect that although its not always perfect it is something worth cherishing at least thats what I enjoyed from the album, but dont take my word for it take a listen and tell me what your thoughts on the album are.

I have been enjoying the sounds of Daley,another UK Singer/songwriter whose emergence has garnered appearances with famous songstress Marsha Ambrosius and Jessie J. Both artist hail from the UK collaborating on songs, Alone together, (Marsha A.) and  Remember Me, (Jessie J.)  While his diversity has earned him such accolades in two categories in the 2012 Soul Train music awards, one for best international performance or “Centric Award” and  the second, their overall award “Best Outstanding artist.”

He is not shy, showing his vocal abilities covering songs from Madonna, Maxwell, Usher, Amy Winehouse.  I first stumbled upon this artist because I saw a song by Marsha whom happens to be one of my favorite soul artist, and once I heard the track I had to listen to his EP Alone Together via Republic Records.   The fact that he was able to record with such a successful artist in Marsha and then come back with an upbeat track with Jessie J.  Another artist I enjoy, shows his unique ability to create music that both capture his sound consistently and displays his range and diversity in song choice.  listening to a few of Daley’s covers the 22 year old singer has a lot of talent and I am sure will be making music that we all can sit down and vibe to on rainy and sunny days.     take a look at his other songs the following are the ones I have enjoyed.

Those who Wait

Game Over

Smoking Gun


No fault falls on adults.
Teaching us right from wrong,
one begets two,but so far.
Lifestyles infuse and enrage

burning desires
wants have and have nots
empty pockets forecast despair
evenly in youth shifting desperation

abstaining grief cascading memories
thieving reigns deluxe sampling of power
insufficiently perplexed street dreamer-
still dreaming how to be pimp turned scholar

saluting all, calling out others to view
who stands with the strength to hold massive dollars
clouding judgement of hard work because putting in work
means lost tears and depressed caskets

flower basket
greetings are not always shared it scares
No fault falls on adults.
Teaching us right from wrong,
one begets two but so far
Lifestyles infuse and enrage

but learning to care for each other
is responsibility of all, un-handicap sensitivity
and let help…help when needed
stare truth up and down and climb that stair
of lost despair

No fault falls on adults.
Teach us right from wrong
one begets two but so far
Lifestyles infuse and enrage

it is the duty of the people to
inspire, fulfill, engage,
so that we all can live a new
and better day

My Angels Angel Dust (M.A.A.D.)


what does it get you

better yet where does it take you

words of love, hate-

mind numbing passion that

binds then blinds cellophane wrapped

murmurs of continuous preserved thought

beleaguered tongues random surrender

of roller coasters cascading emotional flights

daydreams and nightmares… realities check mate

life’s up and downs, a teeter totter’s adjacent

parallel rhetorical paradox phase in

Two faces

mold, push, guide, distinguish the vain

inner lines of my reign

hope my lies fail with success

despite the drive overflowing with charred barren fruit

thoughts that create opposing views of life.

forgive me for sins I had no intentions to commit

blessed be the light that forgives the weak and protects the meek


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