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With the morning dew refreshed

thinking of a life redressed

How would it be,

a field of flowers

seeds planted in ground

no showers

should we dare grow

a colorless field

filled with different archetypes

side effects in plain view

sorted climate change

distorted by way of natures abstract

how would we think of  beauty



For Moment Sake

Control guilty pleasures of swallowing sin

sweet sincere passions, travel amongst wild winds

serenity caressing sweet fingertips of joy

pain, reveling in the innocence of rampant intuition

wandering amongst fine lines of ambiguous terrain

moments floating in a shroud of mistakes

lost compliments, desirous straits

pure intentions scour the depths with or without meaning

falling for something, only for being

overwhelmed by the power of endless fantasies

exhausted emotions rage against the beloved

attesting ideas and possibilities,

behold awareness of your feelings

involved are we whom stand next to bearable fruits

forbidden or not, human nature craves existence in adventurist shots

Scenic shots


A light breeze
slightly grazing my face
currents of
develop without a trace

Yellow hues
rays lost in powders of
white mist
lights reflections
hit or miss
remain sun-kissed

Time travel
speed of light
to be
on this exhilarating flight



I sit here smiling
inhaling, exhaling, I am

Life enter and exit at my will.
Flowing all around me, car engines and horns,
factories, smoke, birds, tree’s, the wind rushing against me
flowers, skylines…the sky
individual beauties, I am

Sense of sight, convergence of light
truth, lies, destinies, freedoms,
the smell of fresh cut grass, ripe strawberries, thanksgiving dinners,
people, happiness,sadness, birthdays, commencements,
sunrise, sun fall, stormy nights and rainy days, I am

My name spoken softly, harmonious laughs
music, friends, kids playing, sirens, screams, rain,
wind, thunder, love, I am
Lifes Journey.
Living out loud
and free
acquiring/accepting mine
life path and enjoying.

I am right
I am wrong
I am human
and so are you

Lost Moments

Can you feel this attraction
touching you,
touching me,
the elevated heat,
the sweat beginning to bead,
the rapid hearts unforgettable
Did you feel our eyes meet
a shiver through the body
straight to the feet
the break in time just to dream
could you feel the
moment we lost
filled thoughts, words lost
escaping lips
missing reality
Did you feed yourself full of wonder
once attraction lapsed
Did you think of me?
after time passed


Trust me,
are real.
They hide in
foregrounds within
realities backgrounds
shadowing life’s moments
with a cluttering chatter.
Unwanted extorted banter,
exfoliating brainwaves,
stimulating mind frames,
extensions of mind games,
conscious battles of self.
Sticking to your thoughts as
sweat beads over bodies
open heat rages beneath the skin.
hottest of days
hot in mind,
hot in body,
hot in soul
Emotions start to unfold
like a love note without the answer
curiously scared
is it the
instantaneous rejection?
artistic satisfaction?
waiting and contemplating
the mind pleads telepathy
seeking depth from the fruit
eaten by man and woman long ago
Knowledge is truth,
not fiction
Equates to power
beware of its control
we are born siamese
but what are we
when these two faces meet.


What happened to the hunger
proverbial head trip
entrenched authentic
irrefutable adolescence
who dreamed of travel
blindly riding the currents of wind
tracing their footsteps
exploring their peace of heaven
hearing a voice of contention
in a mainstream existence
forced to choose between
rich or poor
what happened to the good days
kids playing in the sand box
swinging playing hop scotch
jump rope type days
cops and robbers
cowboys and indians
vivid convictions genuine in essence
but these times know no hesitation
it waits for no one
like raw alcohol with no chaser-we chase it
some how we learned to engulf this
temporary penetration of fulfillment
choking on this
poisonous hope
becoming slave to the trade, induced green paper grains
we use to dream of life
stuck on stupid
with our hands out and pockets parched
we swallow humanity salivating
oh how sweet it would be to have that next dead president
lie full in our pockets
its clear
we’re not all about the Benjamins
we want it all
sacrificing happiness and family
tied up and hanged
openly and publicly
stitched in the values of material things
we contract this image and glory
money over bitches
sex cars and switches
we stain the youth
passing the buck
we pitch tents with for sale signs
cashing in the monetary values
robbing youth of minds
blindly raping sheep in wolfs clothing
we are building a race to death cycle
obviously civilization lives not
and it shows no regret
there will be no reward
and honor left this place a long time ago
sailing away on a ship never to be found
and we wonder where it went
we must right this ship
free the May Flower

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