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I ponder
words you speak
bathe and soak-in
emotions that breathe
conceptions misconception
the miseducation of feelings rite
like a flower blossoming in favor
of summer reign
I depend on you
like soil
to seasons change
hoping that you return
replenishing again
yet again
I beg 
Lord forgive me for I am weak
give me the strength 
to find what I seek
my days are long and my will 
lies asleep-weak
failure results- getting lost-in
achievements feats
I have big dreams but I’m tired of
my speech
when will I allow myself to be free
Ideals are nothing without drive
to complete
mind over matter 
I sharpen skills
the outer shell is 
however direction lost
like lost clouds storming over
natures fields-it owns but
can’t predict
the outcome of its acts
 forever wrapped in the
evolution of earth
oceans rolling tide could be 
the strongest force
yet still and calm
unlike birth
I search for serenity’s 
reflection of treasure
in search of skills 
that permits one to be fruitful and happy
giving all to love
love that depends on
surrendering souls
I have faith in turnaround
and patiently wait
but if only I find the missing element
that will begin my 
my cries pray out to all whom listen
my tithes are tears wrapped in offerings
seeds yet to be planted
in this life or the next
I only wish to provide
for my family-the world
and those wandering
consuming eyes

96 minutes

All one wishes

is to be free

enjoying sweet indulgences

of life

dreams are dreamt

possibilities forged

and all the while

noticing within this journey

through the peaks

the valleys

sunsets and moon light

intricacies of sublime and

complex choices

standing strong and tall

before you like hurdles

white water rapids

pushing you along

waiting to see your strength

perseverance awaiting

capable or incapable



we can learn from

controlling fears….

blinding reaction

and living with it

is another




 Im in love with the…


the thought of having one around

going through it

the madness of arguments

the screaming,

the fighting and neglect of…

passionate moments unjust

un-wasted hunger just cause

we love.

For moments at a time,

then years fade we change


competition breeds summer scent

springs beauty

distracted by refreshment

unstable from the heat

we get wrapped up in weakness

not even cement starts out strong

Im in love with the…


the thought of avoiding loneliness

anger rises with poached hearts

yet seeds are dropped for love to


belief in one

after all things we’ve done

been through

 its never safe to say…

I got it-

my need not to be alone

feeling around the dark I seek the need

of a life long witness

exploring the depth of life’s adventures

entering the fiery pit of

good times some bad

I love you,

I think you love me too

although words spoke

cuts deep

your heart hurts

mine does too

but its our world

its just us two

me & you

no matter the storm

accept the grandeur

forgive us lord for hearts in-flight

our unstable emotions that cause


and grant us this love

for life

Minority Report

I hear they put death to people like me.
they wonder why we fight
conditioned to see with eyes wide shut
closed case-black,
is what they think of me
a color that has deemed me less than a person
oh beautiful candy coated brown skin, symbolically rich, history on each finger tip
too much power for one man or woman to walk around with
and what can we do with it?
dare I walk outside without my skin some days
and drive a car without being pulled over
I see you who grabbed your purse in the mall yesterday
you who crossed the street to feel a bit safe today
the police man that follows me home every day
the black man that doesn’t think Im black enough everyday
the wife, who cant depend on her man, to be the man today
my memories become blackened and stained tear drops
I see…death put to people like me
emotionally raped, mentally slain, and physically drained
they wonder why we still fight
I fight for you
I fight for me
because hoping things will change
never changed a damn thing.
sticks and stones may break your bones
but words will always teach you
I learned today there is more than one way
to defeat you.

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