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Care Anymore

When did it become

hit and runs

championing trophies

divide and conquest

How did we destroy your beauty

stop enjoying the simplicities

of conversation

noticing your pet peeves

hearing that sweet symphonic

sound in your laughter

how did we start putting

sex before sex

wheres the value in investments

plundering and pillaging

adventurous lust compelling

guts for glory

where is the chase

what makes it worth while

knowing you before I know you

knowing what I like about you

before  knowing how to like you for you

how can one determine worth

when countless others have tried

to show me for you

I am at a loss beginning to think that

this is how the world should

treat you

despite my values and belief in courtship

one day you will be my daughter

or he your son

and I will have to live with

the world I have helped shape

convince you

to look at me the same

as I look at you

where is forever in that

I pray that control and discipline

continue to direct me

in the way of valuing so i can be

the reason for my own not to



I am he – We are you

I heard what you had to say yesterday

the pain felt anger

condemning those who seek to control the outcome

conveyance of blatant murder

they say the flavor of death has been seasoned

by we who sprinkle tweaks

in audibles of failed reason

claiming it’s ok when we


lo-jacking our young


hi-jacking our minds

we begin to start killing our kind


postponing thoughts of saving countless lives

loosing them to the streets whether it be black on black crime

or mishandled weapons of mass destructions

still we choose when to yell bloody murder


are you with me

there’s bound to be plenty of fruitful nights

lying ahead just around the bend

over there…

yes, and right here

look in your backyards

because while we lay sleep-dormant to the fight

I am still him

and we are still you

lost ones dying in the light

caught in the crosshairs of an uneven life

pitted within the mixture of matchbox realities

and hand grenades

who stands witnesses to those cocktail bombs thrown

at hollowed tree’s and burning crosses

lives hanging in the balance

triggers pulled as chaos runs through the night

maybe we are scared of the fight

too numb to find a way to deliver proper justice

in the hour when no one is looking

I never thought death

a natural happening

would attack before its scheduled time

an unbecoming enemy considering the inevitable

what becomes of…

I am him and we are you

when it causes me to keep check of my neck and shoulders

when it scares the innocent to be stopped by those blue marching soldiers

I understand the notion of those who think we dont know about the countless others

but we do

ill-advised experiences have shown me to save myself so I can write the plight

of unforgotten memories in remembrance of you



at the end of the day we dont need things to be televised

this type of…

well hell

lets just say it happens everyday

and why who is the blame

who should feel ashamed

we continue to let it happen

I use to think it was a choice of lifestyle that caused us not to speak

but its plain to see

theres to many dangers in standing up

when murderers are allowed to roam free

we are afraid and held captive by our own mental trappings

so today will remain to be like yesterday

our past, present and future are written

Miss America-petty thoughts

are we about knowledge or about change

American pain.

Welcome to the world of…

So what if we lost.
round table, and
sword in the stone willing to fight those
unjust practices, just
in-just factions
fairy-taling fables.
you see…
eyes sea the divide
waters rise
strong to the left and the right
those who believed in their faith
kept safe, by the delivery of Israel’s saving grace
then the walls collide
only one feeling left, those in the middle kept.
How great it is to be alive
we were once destroyed by our own demise
if history repeats it will be behind the sight of our
some where
seeing became belief
pimping the brain- washing
all consciousness away
yet this time we stand amongst our fate
eyes bugged wide
watching yet again and again
and again
we build our city of
Sodom and Gomorrah
open your eyes, even sheep weren’t blind-wool…
that was just a disguise
human kinds unity denied
selectively undefined by the racial
parade of faces inconspicuously defined
we can stop the war on crime
but fail to value our
selves enough to deal with who we are inside
welcome to the world of…
you decide.

Confused & Outraged

Who do you think you’re
I wonder
to feel compelled enough
to think
you can dictate lifestyle to me
have an opinion on how I should live
do I look like a fraud
using my talents to persuade & manipulate
conquering a fear of breathing under water.
Should I question my morality because you do!
you see I’m trying to stay true
to my value’s but
am I accountable for yours too!!
to live in your skin & perform like you do
See the doctors and scientist never discovered
puppet in my genes, nor the strings attached to one,
wooden cross controlling every movement
and sound that comes from me
but then again I wasn⿿t pieced together with
glue & nails expecting someone to live for me
I admit my wrongs and correct them accordingly
there is only one person that can control or define me
and thats just me
Then I wonder
who do I think I am
that you cant…
who are we?

Real Hip-Hop

Hip hop started out in the beginning as a movement, a movement of lifestyle,social and economical class, race and a plethora of other issues, from those who thought they weren’t being heard.  It became a very big voice for those who were struggling with personal issues be it political, personal, and or within themselves.  Shared versions of truth through rhyme and reason,  and the undertone…healing, a call for help, an education of what is going on, for those fortunate/unfortunate enough to experience this life in time.  

Cole World: The Sideline Story
Album Art from I Tunes Album Covers. Not my picture no intention of copyright infringement

With that said J.Cole’s, “COLE WORLD THE SIDELINE STORY” is a album rich with life and full of positive messages.  Pain, struggle, accomplishments,  thats the stuff real life is made of, what could anyone possibly want from an album.  As I listen to music, I find a need to seek some type of substance, an underlying message, something to connect to rather than all the materialistic things that have claimed so many lives in today’s society. Something that was lost long ago, meaningful messages, Hip hop has become a cash cow, glamorizing the wrong messages and although all music is a story, it’s a version of some type of truth somewhere, or fantasy, some of these musicians are bojangling a little to much for me.  We can’t continue to fall slave to the green paperbacks, is it not weird that we fall privy to the dead presidents… yes think about that question for a minute.  I have heard countless people claim that real music doesn’t exist anymore.  I must disagree and this album sets an example. Starting from the moment you press play, an inside feel for that moment of success, accomplishment and all that lies in between, sets the stage for one of my favorites “Dollar and a Dream III” (by the way if you listen to any of his mix tapes you will find the other versions I and II, which are very good introductions to having a dream and going for it)  The cost of success, decisions everyone has to make to get there, sacrifices and such comes clear in this track.  From friends to haters you get the whole emotional roller coaster not just for him making it to this point but think about it, what you have overcame or the decisions you are trying to make,  this track in its own way gives insight on how he got through it  and how you can too! or better yet just to relate to a mood or feeling you’ve been in.

Track 2: Dollar and a Dream III (click for track audio)

“never seen rich, but Ive seen po,” This track breathes perseverance, strength, determination, and  that rare belief that hard work pays off.  All he has is a dollar and a dream “life at the bottom, nobody but God got him they say he wouldn’t leave me but Im falling like its autumn,” thats the sound of dreams and given it all to the most high, sometimes you have to believe in something bigger than yourself to receive the strength to keep fighting. In closing the track this last verse just hit home and its something we all go through, how do you decide to let the chips fall? “What do you do when your on your last dollar, and the stress in this mess your in can make your ass holler, do you fold, grow bitter, and grow cold, no longer fighting now the only thing you grow is old, or do you flip that fuckin dollar to a dream, whether a scholar or a friend watch a  pawn become a king”  All I am trying to let you guys see is with this track you are on a journey, a pawn becoming king/queen.  Message is never give up.  Ride your one way ticket to the stop and make it happen.

Track 4: Lights Please (click track audio)

What I really like about this track is, he speaks of knowing what he wants and trying to be about something bigger.  However, the sexual chemistry and feeling confuses and manipulates how we all fall in this trap of lust.  When I start thinking about our youth it gives a better understanding of what our youth are facing.  It sheds light on how the intimacies between two individuals is more complex than the act itself, and although I focused on the youth in this track, I understand that it is something that adults face too and how we are all unprepared at times to make the right decision when we fall victims to lust.

Track 6: Lost Ones (click for audio)

What can I say about this track, first off I think it is perfectly placed as an interlude separates this track from lights please.  This comes out to the effects of falling to our lustful desires and how youth deal with an unplanned pregnancy.  How the background of a individual causes us to think a certain way.  How the irresponsible act for the most part makes one thinks responsible, it talks about the decision young couples have to face when one really starts to think of the consequences.  It talks about the idea of abortion (not to say this is the only way out, but again one of the decisions are youth are faced with) it talks about abandonment, goals and dreams, it is a beautiful song about the trials and tribulations of youth and  in this day and age something that seems to be happening often, not to many people speak about this subject and I happy that I was able to listen to this track.

Track 15: Breakdown (click for audio)

This track is heartfelt, the reunion of seeing your father for the first time after years pass.  Its a shame because so many young men have to grow up without their fathers leaving mothers to do their best trying to show boys how to become men, the emotions that go through a young mans head, the feeling of wanting a father and resenting the disappearing act at the same time its crucial leaving you to breakdown.  This is a must listen track for those who don’t understand the feelings of an absent father and the needs and want of a child.

These tracks are among my favorites and again I say this album has the ability to become a classic just for all the realistic issues that are being discussed.  The voice that this artist represents can calm so many minds give so many strength and that is the making of a solid album to me.  Yes you do have the basic tracks of fantasy and enjoyment but it is not cluttered around money, women, and all the things that fame brings, although there is a taste of that as this album is talking about a lot of subjects that we as humans and individuals face, men and women together.  Below you will see a video from one of my favorite tracks as Missy Elliot is featured ( one of the most original artist out there) in the album track titled Nobody’s Perfect.

(please leave a comment and let me know what you think about J.COLE, and the Album Review)

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