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Take me to a place

filled full of fantasy, dreams

exonerated ecstasy.

create magnetic sparks filtered excite

beneath skin driving heart beats

inspired movements loudly calling out

climactic chivalry

lasting morning


and night

give me something to eat

something to feel while feeding

watch life digest

brains expand

blossoming like flowers

with the sun’s dew dilingence

imparting light

give me a world unimaginable

so I can take it

and imagine new levels

setting my sights and creating it all over again


My Angels Angel Dust (M.A.A.D.)


what does it get you

better yet where does it take you

words of love, hate-

mind numbing passion that

binds then blinds cellophane wrapped

murmurs of continuous preserved thought

beleaguered tongues random surrender

of roller coasters cascading emotional flights

daydreams and nightmares… realities check mate

life’s up and downs, a teeter totter’s adjacent

parallel rhetorical paradox phase in

Two faces

mold, push, guide, distinguish the vain

inner lines of my reign

hope my lies fail with success

despite the drive overflowing with charred barren fruit

thoughts that create opposing views of life.

forgive me for sins I had no intentions to commit

blessed be the light that forgives the weak and protects the meek


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