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The Whole Swallow

I speak breath life
expression that I find hard to deny
emotions that crave attention
yet fear judgement
they want to be
pay attention because meanings are buried deep within
to know them
is to know…

Words fear neglect
they just want to be
make a difference
even if its the size of a mustard

Oh I need you to hear me
Feel the words I speak
envelope you
develop you hold you
like a blackout blowing your back out
shadow dance
around the back shot
then back out and lash out
while I Commit verbal
mood swings
a plethora of tendencies of life

fore words fear
they just want to be understood
make a difference
even if its
the size of a mustard seed

might be true, could be mean
oh well its just feelings of expression
visions of spoken sound fluttering
journeys serene being
Free un-adultered scenes- Dreams
landscaped filled
thoughts and images
concoct blurred lines and question marked
orion⿿s sun-melted belt sitting sound in a clouded sky-line

breath taking reverent vague tongue
perspectives horizons shadowed low-rise
After all its from the slanted
point of view from which we speak

Respect the words of
they end up meaning more than what was first


Ever After

After the romance and sweet sounds of linguistic tongue touching and laughter stops…

whats left

the return of investments I’ve been depositing for so long have the interest of caged bird song fall upon deaf ear and blind eye

I need a withdrawal slip

Something that tells me what its all worth

for years I have fed you with bits and inches of me day by day at a time

digging deeper and deeper with nouns and verbs committing grammatical sins giving myself meaning to reason dream and write rhyme

to prove hell and mountains will move before

I’m touched

with the momentum to change minds

building up character, showing courage, dining out with commitment

to free

well versed lines

I don’t mean to be selfish but this wasn’t for you

it was for I

I needed what I wanted

out of me so that I can get the best out of you


no selfless

I contend

the worst parts of you

brought out the best parts of me

I just want to know when the rainbow disappears

and the sky cries

and plea’s begin to thunder out echoes

of worse times and dead butterflies

quaking grounds will shake

royal rumbles will break true lies

bubbling lava seeps into loose ties

will my angel with clipped wings

still be able to fly

After the romance

sweet sounds of linguistic tongue

touching and laughter stops

whats left

whether you or I

hell and mountains will move before

I’m touched

with momentum to change time

rewind minds and forget about the moment

I made a choice

to deposit

sublime injections

of kaleidoscope erections versions

of me spilled over til the day that I die

remnants of my emotions still writing

from the scripted tight rope walk

intense deep exhale

because it was I who

was chosen to keep you high


With the morning dew refreshed

thinking of a life redressed

How would it be,

a field of flowers

seeds planted in ground

no showers

should we dare grow

a colorless field

filled with different archetypes

side effects in plain view

sorted climate change

distorted by way of natures abstract

how would we think of  beauty



Take me to a place

filled full of fantasy, dreams

exonerated ecstasy.

create magnetic sparks filtered excite

beneath skin driving heart beats

inspired movements loudly calling out

climactic chivalry

lasting morning


and night

give me something to eat

something to feel while feeding

watch life digest

brains expand

blossoming like flowers

with the sun’s dew dilingence

imparting light

give me a world unimaginable

so I can take it

and imagine new levels

setting my sights and creating it all over again


No fault falls on adults.
Teaching us right from wrong,
one begets two,but so far.
Lifestyles infuse and enrage

burning desires
wants have and have nots
empty pockets forecast despair
evenly in youth shifting desperation

abstaining grief cascading memories
thieving reigns deluxe sampling of power
insufficiently perplexed street dreamer-
still dreaming how to be pimp turned scholar

saluting all, calling out others to view
who stands with the strength to hold massive dollars
clouding judgement of hard work because putting in work
means lost tears and depressed caskets

flower basket
greetings are not always shared it scares
No fault falls on adults.
Teaching us right from wrong,
one begets two but so far
Lifestyles infuse and enrage

but learning to care for each other
is responsibility of all, un-handicap sensitivity
and let help…help when needed
stare truth up and down and climb that stair
of lost despair

No fault falls on adults.
Teach us right from wrong
one begets two but so far
Lifestyles infuse and enrage

it is the duty of the people to
inspire, fulfill, engage,
so that we all can live a new
and better day

Sweet Recluse

I found a secluded cave
far off in the distance
something like an abyss
a hidden well
sunk-in cradle of the deep
with secret chambers
passages of olde
like castles and dungeons
away from the madness and the pain
I found a place to say
maybe, its ok


this place seems new to me
yet familiar with
archaic drawings and
post modern carvings
lost memories yet
these symbols have yet lost touch
feel regret
with things unremembered
remember being free
letting my mind wonder
amongst the trees, stars, and
bees so sweet the taste
of being me


how dare I
revel in retreat
abandoning ways of life
that bring character
that define differences
refines personal commitments
noticeable conditions set
to separate the pigments


I know your only protecting me from the world I fear wont accept
but i must escape the comfort of your solace and solitude

The Alchemist

My lab is a

standing ovation proposing opposing views

ingesting miraculous visions of life

diving into a

churning biblical mystified pool of light

digesting memorable seasons of continuous rites-

wrongs, and watching them be born again taking flight

 My lab

Pitch cocktail bombs on brains

tick…tick…tick…, boom!

exploding minds with

metaphysical euphoria

cataclysmic utopian gisms

 My lab

questions, then answers riddles

molecular space odyssey

travel enhancing numb membranes

flowing rhythmically above

skins radar… electromagnetic prisms

 My Lab

commits illegal telekinesis

robbing youths of mind

placing it on the shoulders and feet

of those who make differences

then claim with my stake and flag what truth is

 My lab

brings beginnings to an end

then begin again

to reflect the true state of what life is

(To Be Continued…)

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